Our Vission is to be a company that inspires and fulfills your requirement of different types of plotters and need of digital fabrication  .

Our mission is to be the best manufacturer of DC solar laser cutter which is specially designed for school students.

We  have made DC laser engraver for school students which can be operated on Solar power. It is portable. It can cut cardboard, paper and engrave non metals and opaque things .

This is a mini laser cutter developed specially for school students. This machine is low cost and very safer than the  laser cutter which are commercially available in market.

We can provide 2D design to machine by USB cable and machine will trace it. Students can make their own creations out of paper or cardboard.It is good for making personalize greetings, key chains ,wall crafts and many more.

Commercially available laser machine is sensitive to power fluctuations, we can not allow school students to operate it independently as it is hazardous. existing laser machine is costly and can cut variety of materials. These functions are more than necessary if we consider schools . For school project, we mainly use card board and paper.

For triggering out these issues we made small ,cost effective ,less sensitive and safer laser cutter which will be operated on solar power .Please see product specifications